brand exposure & partnerships

Here at Incandescent Artists we bridge that gap between artists/creative's and the global powerhouse brands we all know. By doing this we help the artist create awareness of their skill and flair to a large, readymade audience that is already tuned in due to their affection for the brand. The artist gets the exposure and the brand stays trendy.

Our main goal is to help the artists, whether you're an established talent or one on the rise we'd love to hear from you. We crave creativity here, it doesn't matter how long you've been working for or whether this is your first time, if you've got real skill and creative flair you shouldn't hesitate to get in touch, you never know what piece of yours could be linked to a brands profile.

Please email us your info with some images and a few sentences as to how you see your work linked to a specific brand. Please don't just email us a list of your favourite brands, there has to be a link between the two.

If you can't see a link between your art and a brand but you believe your artwork is something special, then please feel free to drop us some images and with our large list of clients we'll endeavour to find you a match.

Due to the amount of emails we receive, please don't take it personally if we don't rely, it doesn't mean you should stop trying with us or any other company that can help you grow as a creative individual, it just means we can't reply to everyone. We do read every email sent to us and we will be in touch if we see something that could work.

Good luck and stay positive!!