acquisitions & sales

If you are looking to sell art from your collection we can purchase as many as you would like to sell, with no upper limit on price.

From Rubens to Picasso, Warhol to Lichtenstein, Hirst to Banksy, we buy and sell artwork throughout our network of collectors in a timely and effortless manner.

Finding, buying and selling art is an artform in itself. 

The art of a good deal is all parties walk away happy, transparency on each deal is the key. We find this makes for an uncomplicated, easy exchange. Everyone involved knows exactly what they will acquire from each deal, thus insuring repeat business.

This practice also keeps out the unwanted dealers in the market who try to over inflate their commissions thus pushing the price of the artwork out of the current market price bracket and inevitably the deal breaks down.

We value honesty, exclusivity and discretion. Standards that can never be understated. 

"Art is an investment for people in objects that seduce them, historically that's always transcended things like economy and budget. If it moves you internally, all bets are off." - Lee Button, Incandescent Artists

We provide artwork via many mediums to a host of different vertical markets, some of them include: galleries, public & private collections, corporate businesses (front and back of house), interior designers, architects, show home suites, TV and Film production designers, advertising agencies, PR & marketing companies, art directors, recording studios, high street retailers, bars, hotels, restaurants, nightclubs, private member clubs and of course, professional and private individuals from all walks of life.