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Art is an important part of our society. Engaging with artists should be accessible.

Incandescent Artists plays a key role in London’s creative and cultural landscape by promoting a wide range of artists through a series of pop-up events. 

We have made a positive choice to identify places that could be used in a creative way to help promote the artists and their work in a new location, offering a varied amount of people, from all walks of life, an opportunity to see incredible works of art that they otherwise would never see.

We specialise in sourcing modern, urban and post war pop art but also work closely with emerging and established UK and international artists who display exceptional talent, technical skill and intrinsic creativity with whom we wish to help translate their talent to a global audience.

Here at Incandescent Artists we strive to change the way people can access art. We have a deep appreciation for the positive role that artists play in today’s society. Our desire is to bring you an exclusive selection of artwork that reflects the current climate of our time, we believe in the few and far between, a selection of opulent talent.

The time spent looking for these extraordinary artists is something we’ve learned to embrace, looking to be inspired, looking at life through slight angles, magnetised to different lines of perspective. You learn to open up your mind’s eye to invite that subtle glimpse of magic you get whilst viewing a painting, a quick blink of an eye is sometimes all that is needed.

We’ve never set out to find anything in particular but to find something that makes us want to live creatively, something to push the scope of our experiences through the artists’ passion.

It’s a simple act that keeps us all excited as we look to find the rare few incandescent artists that strike a chord internally. This is when our heart beats hardest. This means something to us as I’m sure it does with many dreamers. Finding art is an art form itself; a strange set of skills to acquire. We try to keep motivations simple, real and positive. Trust your heart; art is an emotion, a feeling, something worth remembering.

Incandescent Artists are exactly that.

We are committed to excellence, quality and integrity, we work to fulfil all enquiries based on the highest level of personal service.

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